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Reaching Youth For Christ

Through our soccer ball ministry

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God has opened doors that we never anticipated! Our original hope was to share Aiden's love of soccer with local children, but through a series of unexpected events it became clear that the love of Jesus was needed where soccer balls were scarce. Since 2018, missionary hands have carried our soccer balls and the gospel message into 13 countries and 3 continents. These trips have brought the simple joy of a ball to children without, but most importantly, the joy of Jesus was carried into their communities.

While COVID-19 has canceled planned trips which had included our balls, God has once again opened new doors when the expected ones were closed! Missionaries are contacting us and our balls are going with them, carrying the Light of Christ once again.

We know and trust that his ways are not our ways and that his plans are perfect. As he opens doors we will continue to step through in faith.

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From our Missionary Partners

"I can never fully thank you for this amazing gift. I also have photos of the "homemade" soccer balls (made from balled up plastic garbage bags and twine that the children there were using before they received the new balls from you). I thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God bless your efforts to keep this memorial fund growing!"  -JG, Kilimanjaro Mission of Hope & Outreach


"I am beyond thrilled to hear that you will ship the soccer balls and pumps for kids in Tanzania. Most children have only two outfits (church and school) and certainly no toys to play with. Empty plastic water bottles are used as "soccer balls." This is a common sight everywhere you find children playing. To have real soccer balls is a treat, for sure.""We are so thankful for your generosity and the outpouring of donations that followed.  I am so blessed to partner with such a beautiful memorial to help promote God’s word and your son’s love of soccer.  Thank you again for what you have done, are doing, and will do in your son’s name." -DP & Champions United FC


"Getting new things is rare for them, let alone getting something as fun as a soccer ball (fútbol). Some of older kids got some as well and were very excited about that, too.Thank you so much for spreading this light and joy to these children. Fellowship and relationships strengthened through opportunities like playing together is invaluable." - San Salvador, El Salvador

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