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Aiden's Place came about from the love of nature and the outdoors that Aiden passed on to us. This gift he shared has become our place of peace and comfort.


Our retreats are a warm space of prayer, understanding, and love.

Bereaved parents come to our beautiful mountain location for fellowship, understanding, and rest with others who have had to walk the path of living without one of their children. 

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Upcoming Retreat May 13-15, 2022

It is our hope that no parent should have to navigate this path alone. Financial burden should never be a reason to to miss this opportunity. Contact us about available scholarships. 

Our time together will provides comfort, hope and a strengthened relationship with Jesus Christ as He is our only true source of Hope. Throughout the weekend, we discuss and work through God’s word and how it relates to the tragedy that we are living with.

Discussions are facilitated by other bereaved parents and in addition, we will break up into groups so Mothers and Fathers have an opportunity to talk of their individual struggles and needs. Our structured time together will have pastoral support of our Pastor, Jamey Green and the head of our Women's Ministry, Terri Broome. They both have such a passion for our grieving hearts and we are blessed to have their presence at our retreats.

Some of the most precious time is spent simply being around one another, speaking of our experience, our difficulties and our children. We now have a language that only we understand and being with other parents who feel the pain that we do is an incredibly soothing experience that is hard to put into words.

This special weekend closes with breakfast and closing service right in the mountain home! This will leave us with a fresh Word from God, renewed faith, new relationships and a lighter heart. We leave knowing we are not alone, but have a God who loves us and hears us. We leave knowing that we have other parents to share this unwanted journey with. 

We understand that taking the step to participate in a retreat like this can be frightening and difficult. Please know that you will be among those that understand this path more than anyone. Know that you will be able to safely speak your truth and your experience without fear of judgement or misunderstanding. If you choose not to speak at all, but just listen, that is OK too. Just know you will leave here different than when you came.



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Photos used with permission from our 2021 retreat in Boone, NC

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